In honor of Tamir Rice’s 18th birthday, I will be donating the proceeds from streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, and Amazon Music) for the song Silence Is Violence to the Tamir Rice Foundation ( through Dec. 2021.

My donation will support The Tamir Rice Afrocentric Cultural Center, which needs donations for renovations that will transform the center into a safe and nurturing space that Cleveland’s children deserve. The center will provide arts, cultural, educational, and civic programs to youth ages 10-19.

The Tamir Rice Foundation invests in the growth and enrichment of all children through after-school programs in arts and culture by allowing them to express their truth to improve their lives as they grow into young adults.

The Tamir Rice Foundation also seeks to advocate for police reform by advocating to change laws and implement new policies for the system with community oversight for police accountability and community reform dialogue.

To support the Tamir Rice Foundation’s efforts, donate through the Tamir Rice Legacy Fund, managed by the Cleveland Foundation.